Multiple invoices are good for anything additional in a job that you wanted to add on but not include in a previous or paid invoice. Here's how to navigate the multi-invoice/invoice platform:

1. Within a project for a client, head to the Invoices tab and click on the Invoices subsection to bring up a list of all of your invoices housed in that job or lead. 

Here you can:- select a primary invoice if you have more than one- add expenses- add more invoices - override payment options for that job

2. INVOICE NUMBER - This is your invoice number.  If you need to set a new invoice number to start from, you can change that number.  Once you do, Dubsado will sequentially follow suit with any new invoices.  

3. TITLE - Titles of invoices are perfect for any reference for you on the multi invoice section of the job AND naming the invoice in the client portal so your client knows what invoice they are clicking on before they go into it!



 Are multi-invoices like recurring payments?

 No, recurring payments or subscriptions are coming soon. Can't wait.


 What is a primary invoice?

 A primary invoice is not really important to you unless you are using smart fields to autofill the payment schedule on contracts or emails. The smart field will auto populate the payment schedule from the primary invoice only.

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