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Delete a brand

Our team can delete an additional brand for you if it's no longer needed.

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Updated Apr 7, 2023

We’re happy to help you delete a brand you no longer need! Just follow the steps below:

box around settings icon and arrow pointing to where to type delete this brand
  1. Click Settings (gear icon).

  2. Under Name, edit the brand name to “DELETE THIS BRAND".

  3. Click Save.

  4. Send us a chat or email us at to let us know you have a brand for us to delete.


Will deleting a brand stop the billing automatically?

No. If your additional brand is on a paid subscription, please head to your billing settings and cancel the subscription first. We’re also happy to assist with transferring your paid subscription from one brand to another in your account.

Can I delete the brand myself?

No. Due to the nature of brands and the sensitive information they hold, our team must delete your brand for you.

If I change my mind, can you restore the brand I asked you to delete?

No. Deleting a brand is permanent and can’t be undone. Please be certain before writing to us!

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