Clients can enroll in automatic payments for recurring invoices. Once enrolled in autopay, your client will be automatically charged on the date each invoice in the recurrence is sent!

The option to enroll in autopay is shown when the client clicks Pay Now on the recurring invoice. Your client must check the box for Auto pay future invoices and then click Pay With Card to enroll.


  • The invoice must have been generated by a recurring invoice.
  • Your payment processor must be Stripe or Square.
  • The client must choose Pay with Card.

⚠️ Heads up! If your client selects Pay With e-Check or Pay with PayPal, they will NOT be enrolled in autopay, even if they checked the box.


How can I tell if my client enrolled in autopay?

Inside the client's project under Invoices >> Recurring Invoices, you'll see the autopay status of any recurring invoices.

Will my client still be charged if I end the recurrence?

No. Clicking End Recurrence on a recurring invoice will cancel autopay and no further automatic charges will occur. We do recommend ending the recurrence at least 48 hours before the next billing to ensure there is no accidental charge. If you start the recurring invoice again, the client must re-enroll in autopay.

What if my client forgets to enroll in autopay on the first invoice?

Your client can enroll on any invoice generated by a recurring invoice. They will be able to enroll on the next invoice!

Can I enroll on behalf of my client?

No, your client must check the box for Auto pay future invoices and then click Pay With Card to enroll.

Will my client still get a copy of their invoice if they enroll in autopay?

Yes! Future invoices will still be sent to the client, even if they have enrolled in automatic payments.

Can my client opt-out or update their billing?

No. Your client should contact you if they would like to end their billing or update their card information. You will need to end the recurrence and start it again. The client can then re-enroll in autopay with a new card.

What happens if my client's payment fails?

Your client will receive an email with a link to the invoice so that they can manually pay and update their credit card information. You can edit this automatic email under Templates >> Canned Emails >> Edit Templates >> Failed Recurring Invoice Payment.

You also have the option to receive a notification when a payment fails.

Can I set up automatic payments on a payment schedule?

No, clients can only enroll in autopay on recurring invoices at this time.

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