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Updated Nov 1, 2023

In Dubsado, your clients can give you tips or gratuities on an invoice!

Turn on accepting tips

To accept tips in Dubsado, you’ll first want to make sure you have a payment processor connected. Otherwise, you won’t see the setting to accept tips!

After, go to Settings > Payments and invoices. Look for the option to Accept tips from clients at checkout and turn the toggle to Yes. This toggle is turned off by default.

screenshot of accepting tips section

You can create categories to automatically organize tips for bookkeeping purposes by clicking New category.

screenshot of creating a new tip category

When selecting a tip type, you'll see three preset options: sales, services, or non-operating. These options are fixed and can't be edited or deleted.

What your clients will see

When the client goes to pay the invoice, they’ll see the option to add a tip!

screenshot of what clients see to tip

Allow tips for specific projects

There may be times when you only want some clients to have the ability to tip or not. In those cases, you can override the tip setting for specific projects.

Heads up! It's not possible to have different tip settings for different invoices within the same project. All invoices in the same project will follow the same tip setting!

To change the tip setting for a specific project:

  1. Go to Projects and select the specific project.

  2. Click the Invoices tab.

  3. Select Invoice Options.

  4. Under Payment Options, select Override.

  5. Check or uncheck the Gratuity option.

  6. Click Save.

screenshot of how to override tips for specific projects


Can clients leave a tip while on autopay?

If you set autopay to Required, clients aren’t able to leave a tip since the invoice is set to automatic payments. To allow tips, please set autopay as Optional or Disabled.

Can clients who aren’t being invoiced leave a tip?

it isn’t possible for clients to tip within Dubsado outside of an invoice. If you want your client to tip, please create an invoice first.

Is there a way to collect a tip from an invoice that’s already paid?

After an invoice is completely paid in full, the invoice closes so clients can’t leave a tip. Please advise your clients to leave a tip when making a payment on the original invoice!

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