99% of the time, we recommend creating your forms as templates so that they can be used from project to project. But on occasion, you may want to create a new form from scratch within a specific project.

Heads up! Creating a one-time form inside a project will not save it to your template library. If you think you might want to use the form in the future, we strongly recommend creating the form as a template instead!

From the Forms tab in the project, use the dropdown menu to select Create One-Time Sub-Agreement/Questionnaire/Contract/Proposal.

Build your form in the editor and then save it. Click the dropdown arrow next to the Save button and:

  • click Save as Template if you would like to use that form again in the future, or

  • click Save and Close to use the form on this project only

You can now send or further edit your one-time form just like any other form you've added to the project!

👋 Here's a tip... if you have created a one-time contract, you may need to refresh your page to see it appear in the side bar.

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