Sharing Task Boards
Private vs. Public Task Boards
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You can make your task boards public. This allows you to share the boards with clients in the portal or with your admins and users on your account. By default these boards are private and only YOU and your assigned teammates on the project.

How to edit settings

Only boards that are assigned to Projects can be shared. To do it is simple! Once the board is added to that job or lead, click the little downward arrow and then EDIT PRIVACY SETTINGS. 


Privacy Settings Options

When you edit the privacy settings, two options come up.

ADMIN & ASSIGNED USERS - The default. This is a private board that only you and your assigned teammates can view.

CLIENT PORTAL - This is a shared board with your clients. They will be able to see it in the portal. This will allow them to follow along with you and what you complete. Switching the task board to this setting will also allow them to edit and create tasks as well.  Toggling settings for them is not a feature at this time. Great for collaborating with your clients! Clients will not get an email when you assign them to a board.  


Client Portal View

When you have the CLIENT PORTAL selected, the client does not get an alert. If they would like to view the board, they can login to the client portal and under DOCUMENTS of that project, the board will be there.  Just send them their portal info!  

Client Portals MUST be used to share boards with clients.

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