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Using lead captures at in-person events
Using lead captures at in-person events

Pull up your lead capture on a mobile device at trade shows, events, or meetings.

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Updated Jan 31, 2023

Going to an event and want to quickly capture client info to save time on data entry later? Use a lead capture form! All you need is a mobile device where the lead capture is open for potential clients to fill out.

  1. Create a lead capture form under Templates >> Forms to capture the client's name and email, at a minimum.

  2. Click the Sharing Icon on the sidebar. If the icon is grayed out, click Save form first.

  3. Copy the Direct link URL.

  4. Click Form settings.

  5. In the Redirect URL, paste the Direct link URL.

  6. Click Save form.

  7. Bookmark the Direct link URL to use at the event.

Now youโ€™re all set! The lead capture will redirect back to itself with a new form for the next person to fill out to keep things moving quickly.

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