Change the project status

Add, edit, and delete project statuses.

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Updated Jun 16, 2023

Go to Projects >> Customize to manage all project status customizations listed below.

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For information on leads vs jobs, click here.

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Add a status

gif of the process of adding a project status
  1. Click Add Status.

  2. Name the status.

  3. Select Lead or Job.

  4. Click Save.

Re-arrange statuses

Drag and drop statuses into a preferred order that will show on the Projects page. You can’t drag to switch lead and job categories — delete and create a new status.

Change the default project status view

Check the box on any status so that when you go to the Projects page, it will show all projects with that status.

Select All Leads or All Jobs to default to seeing all your lead or job projects.

screenshot of all jobs checked

Edit or delete a status

To edit or delete, click on the project status.

When you delete a project status, all projects within that status change to “No Status”.

screenshot of no status

Those projects are listed in the All category on the Projects page.

screenshot with arrow pointing to the all category

🚨 Deleting a project status that is part of a workflow will result in an error "The supplied project status does not exist".

screenshot of workflow error
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