Manage project statuses and tags
Add, edit, and delete project statuses and tags.
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Go to Projects >> Customize to manage your project statuses and tags.

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Manage project statuses

Add a status

  1. Click Add Status.

  2. Name the status.

  3. Select if it should be categorized under Lead or Job.

  4. Click Save.

Re-arrange statuses

Drag and drop statuses into a preferred order that will show on the Projects page. They can also be moved between the Lead and Job categories if needed.

Set a default status

Check the box on any status to set it as the default status. Any time you go to the Projects page, it will open to that status.

Edit or delete a status

Click on any status while on the Customize page to edit it. You edit the name and click Save or click Delete to remove the status.

πŸ‘‹ Here's a tip... projects in a deleted status will move to Leads: No Status or Jobs: No Status, depending on which category the status was deleted from.

Manage tags

Add a tag

  1. Click Add Tag.

  2. Enter a name for the tag.

  3. Click the color square to select a color.

  4. Click Save.

Edit or delete a tag

Click on any tag while on the Customize page to edit it. You can edit the name or color and click Save, or click Delete to remove the tag.

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