Within a proposal, the default smart fields that populate are the package name, package total, and select button.  To add more smart fields, like the quantity box, click SMART FIELD and PACKAGE and in this case we will select QUANTITY.

By selecting quantity, it adds in a quantity box for your clients to pick the quantity of the item they are ordering. 

You can remove the select button if you would like.  By the clients adding an amount of items they would like, it adds it to the proposal.  If you choose to leave the select button, the select button would need to be pressed first and then quantity adjusted.

Additional Settings:

You can toggle the min quantity and max quantity on the packages they are selecting.  For example, if you added a quantity box and have a min quantity set at 5 and max set at 500, your client cannot choose less than 5 or more than 500.  They have to stay within that set range you have. 

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