Clients can book calls if they are already in Dubsado or not.  The following article will explain how to send the schedule within a project.  

Side note: If you have a scheduler embedded on your site and an existing client fills it out, it will tie it to the client in Dubsado you have it created (as long as they use the same email).  However, if you would like to tie an appointment into a project, you can send it directly within the project.  Let's get into it: 

Head into a project you have created, then click the APPOINTMENT tab. 

Next click the SCHEDULE APPOINTMENT drop down and create a new appointment or choose from an appointment template that you already have set up. 

If you create a new scheduling appointment, this is JUST for this client.  It will not save it as a template unless you check the option to in the BASIC settings. 

Once you have one created or chosen, it will add itself to the PENDING tab.  Here you can make an additional edits to it or SEND.

When you click SEND it will pop up with that email you have created in the scheduler template.  You can adjust it as needed in the compose view.  But just for your information, this is where it is pulling from if you need to make any template wide adjustments to it.  Be sure it has the scheduler smart field button in it: {{scheduler | schedulerLink}} 

The compose view when getting it ready to send: 

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