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Customizing the Appointment Confirmation Email
Customizing the Appointment Confirmation Email

How to customize the default appointment confirmation email or create your own!

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The scheduler has some automation built right in. As soon as a client books an appointment with you, they will automatically receive a confirmation email. Automated email reminders can be sent out leading up to the appointment, too!

A confirmation email will always be sent anytime an appointment is booked through a Dubsado scheduler. You do not need to turn this setting on, and the email cannot be turned off.

Customizing the Default Appointment Confirmed Email

If you do not select a custom canned email for the confirmation email in the Advanced tab of a scheduler, Dubsado will send the default template.

You can customize the default confirmation email under Templates >> Canned Emails >> Edit Templates >> Appointment Confirmed.

This is what the default confirmation email looks like to the client:Β 

Creating a Custom Confirmation Canned Email

Instead of using the default confirmation email, you can create your own! This is great if you want to use different confirmation emails for different scheduler templates.

All you need to do is create a canned email template that uses appointment smart fields. The appointment smart fields in your template will automatically fill in the details about the appointment when the confirmation email is sent.

To insert an appointment smart field into your canned email, go to Smart Field >> Appointment in the formatting toolbar.

After saving your canned email template, you can select it from the dropdown under Confirmation Email in the Advanced tab of a scheduler template. Your custom email will now be used for appointments booked through that scheduler instead of the default!


Can I include an option to reschedule or cancel the appointment in the confirmation email?

Yes! Just add the Appointment Reschedule Button and/or the Appointment Cancel Button smart fields to your email. You'll find them under Smart Field >> Appointment.

Can I give the client a way to add the appointment to their calendar?

Yes! Insert the Smart Field >> Appointment >> Add to Calendar Link to the canned email. The client can click on it to add the appointment to their calendar.

No, the scheduler is not capable of linking to a questionnaire, sub-agreement, or proposal in the automated confirmation email. You have two options:

  1. If the client should complete the form before booking their appointment, attach your form as the Additional Form to the scheduler template.

  2. If the client should complete the form after booking their appointment, send the form in a separate email after the client books. This can be done manually or in a workflow.

Can I send a confirmation email through my workflow instead?

Appointment confirmation emails are always sent straight from the scheduler and should never be added to a workflow. There are two reasons for this:

  1. The confirmation email sent by the scheduler cannot be disabled. If you tried to send a confirmation through your workflow, the client would get two confirmation emails.

  2. Appointment smart fields will NOT work when added to an email that is not sent directly by the scheduler. If you add appointment smart fields to an email that is sent by a workflow, the workflow doesn't actually know which appointment the smart fields are referring to. The information about the appointment will not populate and those areas will be blank.

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