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Cancel your subscription

How to cancel billing on your account.

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Updated Aug 30, 2023

We are so sad to see you go. However, if you wish to cancel your account, here's how:

  1. Go to Settings (gear icon) > Billing.

  2. Click More on the brand you would like to cancel.

  3. Select Cancel plan.

  4. In the popup that appears, click Yes, cancel subscription.

When you cancel your subscription:

  • Your brand(s) will be deactivated at the end of your billing cycle.

  • Cancelling your primary brand will also cancel any additional brands that are subscribed. If you would like to designate a different brand as your primary brand, please reach out to our Customer Care team by chat or email at

Please review our cancellation policy for additional details, including information on refunds, data, and trial accounts.

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