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How to cancel billing on your account.
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We are so sad to see you go. However, if you wish to cancel your account, here's how:

  1. Go to your Settings (the gear icon) >> Billing.

  2. Click More on the brand you would like to cancel.

  3. Select Cancel plan.

  4. In the modal that appears, click Yes, cancel subscription.

⚠️ Heads up! When you cancel your subscription:

  • Your brand(s) will be deactivated at the end of your billing cycle.

  • If you cancel your primary brand, this will also cancel any additional brands you have subscribed. If you would like to designate a different brand as your primary brand, please reach out to our Customer Success team via chat or email

Cancellation Policy

The following cancellation terms were agreed to when you signed up for a Dubsado account.


Your Dubsado subscription will automatically renew until you cancel it. Agreement to automatic renewals was included in your acceptance of our terms and conditions during sign up.

You are entirely responsible for cancelling your own subscription. If you wish to cancel, you MUST do so through your Dubsado account under Settings >> Billing. We do not accept cancellations by phone or email.

After cancelling your subscription, you can continue to use your brand until the end of your billing cycle. Your brand will deactivate at the end of your current billing cycle. Once a brand is deactivated, it is subject to certain restrictions. You will be informed of these restrictions during the cancellation process.

Cancelling a brand will also cancel any associated add-on subscriptions, such as a multi-user subscription. Cancelling a primary brand will also cancel all additional brands and any associated add-on subscriptions for your account. You can see which brand is your primary brand by going to Settings >> Billing.


Refunds are only issued upon request. You can request a refund by emailing or by reaching out through the chat icon in your account. If a refund is requested, after your refund is processed your account will be cancelled immediately.

If you are on an annual plan: you must cancel and request a refund within 14 days of your last charge for the annual subscription to receive a full refund. We do not offer pro-rated refunds if you decide to cancel mid-plan. Cancellations past the 14-day window are not eligible for a refund, no exceptions.

If you are on a monthly plan: you can cancel at any time. A refund on a monthly plan is limited to your most recent charge for the monthly subscription. We cannot refund back more than one month when a monthly plan is cancelled, no exceptions.

If you are on the lifetime plan (no longer actively offered): no refunds can be processed after the 14 day period of purchasing.


If you cancel your account, we are only responsible for keeping any content or info in our system for 90 days after the cancellation date. After 90 days, we can delete the content. If this were to happen, we would send an email out first alerting you.

Trial accounts

If you do not wish to continue your trial, there is no need to take any action.

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