We are so sad to see you go.  However, if you wish to cancel your account, you can do so by clicking your logo at the top right and then BILLING.  There you can cancel.

Upon signing up for a Dubsado account, these are the cancellation terms that were agreed to:

Cancellation Policy

You are entirely responsible for cancelling your account.  If you wish to cancel, you MUST do so through your Dubsado dashboard.  We do not accept phone or email cancellations.

Dubsado is an automatic renewal until cancelled.  Refunds can only / will only be issued if the users asks and only for the current month they are in.  For no exception can we refund back more than one month on a monthly plan.  On yearly plans, refunds will not be issued if cancelled after 14 days.

If you are on the lifetime or annual plan and wish you cancel, for a refund, you must do so with in 14 days.  After the 14 days have passed, we unfortunately, do not issue any refunds.

If an annual plan is cancelled in the mid plan, it will immediately revert to a non-paid plan and you will not be able to add any more clients.  If you wish to cancel your account and not have the yearly renew, set a reminder to cancel the day before so you are not charged again.

If you cancel your account, we are only responsible for keeping any content or info in our system for one month after the cancellation date.  After the one month, we can delete the content.

For trials - if you wish to not continue there is no need to take any action.  

Our cancellation policy can be found here: https://www.dubsado.com/legal/cancellation-policy

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