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How to set up a public proposal
How to set up a public proposal

Create a proposal to embed on your website and allow clients to buy now.

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Updated Jan 27, 2023

Once you’ve built a proposal, make it public so you can embed it onto your website or share a direct link with clients.

A public proposal can create new projects, start workflows, and allow new clients to "buy now" directly from your website!

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Required form elements in the proposal

A public proposal allows you to simultaneously sell a product and capture new client information at the same time. To ensure your client information saves properly in Dubsado, your proposal must include three short answer form elements.

Click the short answer elements to set the Field mapping to:

  1. Client First Name

  2. Client Last Name

  3. Client Email Address

Set up the public proposal

  1. Click the Form settings on the sidebar.

  2. Scroll to Public proposal options.

  3. Toggle Create new project once proposal is completed to Yes. Additional optional fields will appear:

Default workflow

Choose a workflow that will automatically start once a client submits the proposal.

Heads up! If the workflow that you want to start has a payment plan included, make sure you’ve left the payment plan section blank on the proposal or else your workflow will have an error. See workflows with payment plans for more information.

arrow pointing to payment plan in a workflow

Redirect URL

Instead of a thank you message, your client is automatically redirected to a custom page outside of Dubsado. You can’t link to Dubsado forms or schedulers.

The redirect URL won’t work with a contract or invoice attached to the proposal. The Include contract and Include invoice options must be toggled to No.

Project status

When someone fills out a proposal, Dubsado automatically creates a project. Assign a project status to all new projects so you stay organized.

If you do not assign any project status, the project will appear only in the all leads status.

arrow pointing to all leads project status

Project title

The project name of all newly created projects using the proposal. If you leave this blank, the default name will be the title of the proposal.

To customize, click on the Client Smart Fields dropdown to add mapped smart fields for easier identification on the projects page. Examples:

  • Client First Name ({{client.firstName}}) and Client Alt Contact First ({{client.altContact.firstName}}) Wedding

  • Client Full Name ({{}}) Web Design

Share the proposal

Click Save form. Once the form is saved, click the share icon to embed the code to your website or share with a direct link!

arrow pointing to form sharing icon


If I make changes to my public proposal, do I need to re-embed it or copy a new direct link?

Nope! Once you save changes to your proposal, those changes will update automatically on your website (if embedded) and at the direct link.

Can I embed the form on my site and send out the direct link simultaneously?

Yes. Both embedding the form and sharing the link will take clients to the same exact form.

Can I include multiple workflow options?

No. The workflow element is not available on proposals, so you can only set one default workflow per proposal.

Can I attach a contract and invoice to a public proposal?

Yes! Clients can choose your services, sign a contract, and pay all at once. See connect a contract and invoice for more details.

Can I customize the URL?

You can customize the domain name to replace “” with your own domain name. However, there is no way to shorten the URL unless you use a third-party URL shortening app.

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