With just a few extra steps, your Proposal can act as a lead capture form and be embedded on your website. It will act exactly like a lead capture form by creating a new project when submitted and can even apply and start a workflow automatically!

This is a great option when you would like your clients to be able to "check out" or "buy now" directly from your website.

To get started, create your proposal as usual, using the package element to allow your clients to select which package(s) they would like to purchase.

Because this proposal will create a new project with client info, you MUST include the following three mapped short answer fields on your proposal:

  • Client First Name

  • Client Last Name

  • Client Email

Once you're happy with your proposal layout, head to the Settings tab. You can turn on Show Contract and/or Show Invoice if you would like to include them. A payment plan can also be included if you just want to collect a deposit up front.

If you turn on Show Invoice, make sure you have connected a payment processor in your brand settings, otherwise your clients will not be able to complete their purchase!

Next, scroll down to the bottom of the settings to "Create a new project when this proposal is completed?" and select "Yes". This will expand to show the additional options, which will look familiar if you've used a lead capture form.

First you can choose to specify a Default Workflow to be applied to the new project created by the proposal. This workflow will be applied and start running automatically once the proposal is submitted. At this time, the workflow element is not available on proposals, so only a default workflow can be set here.

You can then set a default project status and project title under Public Proposal Options. This will help you keep your new leads organized as they come in.

Save your proposal. Once the form is saved, the Share button in the upper right corner will activate, allowing you to grab the embed code for your website or a direct link to share!

Any changes you make to your proposal will update automatically once you save - there is no need to copy a new link or re-embed the proposal.

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