Using the Add a Link menu in the email composer toolbar, you can add any number of form, invoice, and scheduler links that have been applied to the project to a single email.Β 

  1. Add the documents you'd like to send to your project. These can be forms under the Forms tab, scheduling templates under the Appointments tab, a contract, and one or more invoices. You do not need to click "Send" or "Apply to Portal" on any of the documents.

  2. From the Emails tab, click Send Email.

  3. Write your email. Place your cursor where you would like to insert the link.

  4. Click on the Add a Link menu (looks like a bulleted list) in the toolbar.

  5. Click the + button next to any documents you would like to link. You can place your cursor in another part of the email to space out the links.


How do I send multiple forms in a single email in a workflow?

Sending multiple forms (i.e. a questionnaire and a proposal) in a single email is not currently possible in a workflow and must be done manually through a project.

Yes, you can! The Add a Link menu is available in the email composer toolbar any time you are sending an email through a project. You can click "Send" on your proposal and then add a questionnaire link instead of starting an email from scratch and adding both links.

The form I want to send is not showing up in the list.

First, check to make sure that you have added that form to your project. If the form has been added and is not showing up, refresh your page and it will appear in the list.

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