Send multiple forms in one email

Need to send two questionnaires? A proposal and a sub-agreement? Use this method to send multiple form links in a single email!

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Updated Aug 25, 2023

You can add form, invoice, and scheduler links that have been applied to the project to a single email! Follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Projects and open your client’s project.

  2. Add the documents to your project. You do not need to click Send or Apply to Portal on any of the documents.

    • Add a form by going to the Forms tab.

    • Add a scheduling template by going to the Appointments tab.

    • Add a contract from the project sidebar (the dropdown arrow next to Contract).

    • Add an invoice by going to the Invoices tab.

  3. Go to the Emails tab and click Send Email. An email draft will appear.

  4. Write your email. Place your cursor where you would like to insert the link.

  5. Click on the Add a Link icon in the toolbar to add a document.


Can I send multiple forms in a single email in a workflow?

Sending multiple forms in a single email is not currently possible in a workflow and must be done manually through a project.

What if I click Send on the form, invoice, contract, or scheduler (instead of Send Email)? Can I still link additional forms?

Yes, you can! The Add a Link icon is available in any email draft anytime you’re sending an email through a project. For example, you can click Send on your proposal and then add a questionnaire link instead of starting an email from scratch and adding both links.

The form I want to send is not showing up.

First, check to make sure that you have added the form to your project using the Forms tab. If the form has been added but is not showing up, refresh Dubsado.

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