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Send a canned email to a client
Send a canned email to a client

Send an email template with the help of canned responses.

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Updated Sep 1, 2023

This article discusses how to send an email template to your client manually through a project. You can use canned emails to send forms and invoices, or even respond back to your client's emails in the project!

If you would like to send an email template automatically, you can do so with a workflow, specifically using the Send email workflow action.

To send an email template to your client:

  1. Go to Projects and open up your client’s project.

  2. Click the Emails tab.

  3. Click Send Email. An email draft will appear.

  4. In the email draft, click on the bookmark icon in the toolbar to access your email templates.

  5. Select your email template or use the search bar to filter through your templates.

Choosing a new email template will replace the previous email template. Please keep this in mind if you make edits to a template and then select a new template! Those edits won’t reappear even if you select the template again.

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