To export all of your existing clients, head to Utilities >> Address Book. In the upper right, click Export and choose Email Addresses.

This will generate a CSV file that contains the following fields for all of your clients:

  • Client First Name

  • Client Last Name

  • Phone Number

  • Email Address

  • Street Address Line 1

You can open this file in Excel or Google Sheets or use it to import your clients into other apps. We look forward to including more options for export in the future!


I exported my clients, but I can’t open the file.

Use Chrome as your browser when exporting CSV files from Dubsado for best results. If you used a different browser and cannot open the file, rename the file to include the “.csv” extension at the end of the name and you will be able to open it!

Can I choose to include more fields in the export or customize which data gets exported?

No, the data exported with the client list is set at this time.

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