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Export data from Dubsado

Export clients and projects as a CSV file.

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Updated May 3, 2023

Export your data from Dubsado to a CSV file that you can open in Microsoft Excel, Apple Numbers, or Google Sheets.

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Export data

To export information from Dubsado:

  1. Head to the Projects tab.

  2. Select a project status. All projects listed in the project status you’re currently viewing get included in the CSV file.

    screenshot of project statuses
  3. Click Export.

    arrow pointing to export button
  4. A popup will appear to select client or project information.

  5. Select all options that you want to include in your file, then click Export.

Filter projects

To filter for certain projects within a project status, click the Filter button while in the Projects tab. Only projects that appear on the projects page when filtered will show in the CSV file.

arrow pointing to filter button

How values appear in the CSV file

example of how the csv file columns and rows appear

Within the file, most column names and cell values appear as it is written in Dubsado. The table below indicates values that may be different:

Column name

Cell values

Lead or job

Values appear as “Lead” or “Job”.

Contract status

Values are either “Needs sending”, “Sent”, or “Signed” depending on how it appears in Dubsado.


Values list a mix of team names and individual users. You won’t see individual team members within a team.


Values appear as “Yes” or “No”.

Primary invoice and Total amount paid

Values appear as a number without a currency symbol.

Custom-mapped fields

Column names appear as typed in Settings >> Custom-mapped fields.


Why isn’t my file downloading?

Use Chrome as your browser when exporting CSV files from Dubsado. If the file doesn’t download, disable all browser extensions and double-check your internet connection.

Can multi-users export data?

An admin multi-user can export a customizable file. Basic or accountant multi-users can only export a non-customizable file with the following data:

  • Client first and last name

  • Client phone number

  • Client email address

  • Client street address

Can I export on mobile?

No. The export feature is only available on desktops.

Am I able to export in a different file format?

No. The exported file will be a CSV format only.

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