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How to create and apply project source tags
How to create and apply project source tags

Keep track of where your leads are coming from using Project Source Tags!

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Updated Aug 3, 2023

Using project source tags can help you keep track of how clients found you. This will give you insight into which of your marketing efforts are most effective at bringing in clients.

You can find your project sources under Reporting >> Project Sources.


Add project sources

To create a new project source:

  1. Head to Reporting >> Project Sources.

  2. Click Add Source.

  3. Type a Source name, such as Facebook, Google, or Instagram.

  4. Pick a color for the tag.

    • For a custom color, click the + button to open the color picker. Choose a color or enter a HEX code, click Add, then select Use this color to apply it.

    arrow pointing from plus button to custom color picker
  5. Click Save.


Apply project sources

Project source tags are applied to individual projects. To apply a project source to a project:

  1. Go to Projects and open the project.

  2. Scroll down to Referral Source in the left side bar and click the dropdown.

  3. Select the source you would like to apply to the project.

    screenshot of referral source dropdown

Selecting Create New Source will add and save a new source tag that you can use on any other project in the future.

For returning clients, we recommend tagging each new project with the same referral source. For example, if a client found you through Instagram initially and returns to work with you again, add the Instagram project source tag to the new project.

View project source data

You can view the number of projects per lead source under Reporting >> Project Sources. The count under the Projects column includes all projects (leads, jobs, and archived) with that source tag applied.

From the Projects page, you can view projects by project source in two ways:

  1. Filter your projects by source by clicking Filter and selecting a project source from the Select project source dropdown.

  2. Create a project source column so you can see the source of your projects at a glance. Click the Customize button, then scroll down to the Columns section. Turn on the Project Source checkbox.

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