Writing out your process

A detailed process outline is the foundation for any good workflow.

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Updated Feb 13, 2023

We've created a series of questions to guide you if you've never written out your process before or need some help revising your current one!

These questions are just a starting point and you will need to be specific and detailed when describing each step.

What is the first thing that happens when a new lead comes in?

Most Dubsado users utilize the lead capture form to bring new clients into the system. From there, an automatic email response is usually sent letting the client know their information was received. Depending on your business, you could book a consultation call, send a questionnaire for more information, or check your calendar to see if a requested date is available before sending a more personalized follow-up.

What are the next steps to get them booked?

Once a client decides they would like to pursue working with you, what do you need to do to make them a client? Do they need to pick a package or are you sending a custom quote? It's advisable to send a contract and invoice for a deposit at this stage. Can you send the contract and invoice with the proposal for a quick booking process or does your business have many variables that you need to review first? If the service is appointment based, when do you need to lock in the date?

When do you consider the client to be booked?

What criteria do you have for converting a lead to a job? A signed contract and deposit or a specific questionnaire submitted?

Once the client is booked, what happens next?

What are the steps for completing the work and communicating with the client along the way? You may need to send more emails and forms to get additional detail before starting work or scheduling a kick-off meeting. What action steps do you need to take to complete work for the client? Is there a set timeline you follow or are things more open-ended at this stage?

When does your work with the client conclude?

What are the criteria for finishing work with the client? Do you need to deliver files? Send another invoice? How do you wrap things up? Do your projects have a start and end or does the client have you on retainer for an indefinite amount of time for recurring services? If the services are recurring, what would happen if the client chose to cancel the contract?

Do you send any follow-ups to the client after the project has ended?

Would you send an anniversary card after a wedding or check-ins to see how the client is liking their new branding? What is your plan for making the client feel supported even after your work together has ended?

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