If you do not have a firm understanding of the difference between projects and clients and how they relate to one another, please review our Projects vs. Clients article first.


You sent an existing client a link to fill out a form that happened to be a lead capture. You now have two projects with the same client, but you only wanted one project.


Check the address book for duplicate entries. You may be using lead capture forms incorrectly.

Each and every time a lead capture form is submitted, Dubsado will generate a new project with the submitted client information - even if the client already exists in Dubsado.

Creating new projects is the primary function of the lead capture form. So if you are concerned that duplicate clients are appearing on the PROJECTS page, double check UTILITIES >> ADDRESS BOOK for duplicate entries first. This is where your clients are stored.

If there are no duplicates in the address book, you received a lead capture form submission from an existing client and Dubsado added the new project to their existing client profile.


What if I don't want a new project to be created when my client fills out the form?

You may be using your lead capture incorrectly. Remember that a lead capture form will always generate a new project when submitted. Once the client is in the system and has a project set up, they should not fill out another lead capture until they are starting a new project with you. Send them one of the other form types (like a questionnaire) through their existing project instead.

I accidentally used a lead capture instead of a questionnaire. What do I do with the extra project that was created?

Projects cannot be merged together, so the best course of action is to delete the duplicate project and continue working with the client from the original project.

Still having trouble with duplicate clients? This article may have the answer!

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