If you do not have a firm understanding of the difference between projects and clients and how they relate to one another, please review our Projects vs. Clients article first.


An existing client fills out your Lead Capture to work with you again, but now they have two entries in the Address Book.


Existing clients must use the same email address already on file when submitting a new Lead Capture.

As long as the Client Email Address entered exactly matches a client already on file, Dubsado will add the new project to the existing project profile.

This is just as if you were creating a project from scratch on the Projects page and selected an existing client from the dropdown. All of the information tied to that client profile, including custom mapped client fields, will appear on the new project.

If the client has an activated portal, the new project will be added to that same portal as well.

However, even if the returning client enters the same first and last name, if they use an email address other than the one already on file, Dubsado will create a new client. This will result in duplicate entries in the Address Book. Capitalization, incorrect spelling, and extra spaces in the email address field could all result in a duplicate profile being created.

Can I change the client on a project once it's created?

No, you cannot change the client attached to a project or move the project under a different client profile once created. To resolve this, you will need to manually create a new project with the correct client profile.

Can I merge duplicate clients?

No, client profiles cannot be merged. The best course of action is to manually set up a new project with the existing client's original profile before moving forward. Delete the project created by the Lead Capture as well as the duplicate client profile to prevent confusion. To delete a client profile, go to Utilities >> Address Book and click on the trashcan icon next to the client you would like to delete.

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