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Create a lead capture form
Create a lead capture form

Ensure the fields on your lead capture are mapped correctly so you can bring new clients into Dubsado!

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Updated Feb 3, 2023

A lead capture form is how you get potential clients into your Dubsado account. Once a lead fills out the form, a project is automatically created for that lead.

After building your form, don’t forget to share your form.

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Create a new lead capture form

Your form must be set up correctly so that Dubsado can collect and store client information correctly for later use. To get started with a new lead capture form:

  1. From the left sidebar, go to Templates >> Forms.

  2. Under the lead capture column, click the + button.

arrow pointing to + button on lead capture section

The default lead capture form is set up correctly so you can start using it right away!

Change title

The Title is the name of your lead capture form.

box around title labeled new lead capture form

The lead capture form title automatically becomes the project title of all newly created projects from this lead capture form.

Add form elements

To add new form elements, you can either use the Elements tab on the left sidebar to drag the element into the form or click the + button within the form.

Just like other forms, you can change form elements for additional customization. For a more detailed description of each form element available in the form builder, check out this article.

arrows pointing to the container icon and the + icon to add elements

Don’t forget to click Save Form — forms don’t autosave!

👋 Here’s a tip… Make your lead capture forms simple to avoid scaring away potential leads. You can always qualify clients with a longer questionnaire form later.

Add required form fields

Your lead capture form must require clients to enter their first name, last name, and email address to ensure your client’s information is mapped correctly in Dubsado.

Mapped fields allow Dubsado to know which client information to pull from when using smart fields.

If an existing client fills out a new lead capture form, Dubsado will not save any new or changed information. See lead capture troubleshooting for more information.

Edit mapped form fields

Lead capture forms include default form fields that map to the following smart fields:

  • First name: {{client.firstName}}

  • Last name: {{client.lastName}}

  • Email: {{}}

  • Phone: {{}}

  • Event date: {{job.start | mediumDate}}

You are not limited to these options! For additional smart field options, refer to our smart field reference guide. You can also create your own custom mapped fields.

Mapped form fields save under your client’s information in Utilities >> Address Book.

To edit the default mapped fields:

  1. Click on the individual form element you wish to edit.

  2. Under Field mapping, choose where you want the information to store. Field mapping is only available for the Short answer and Date select form elements.

arrow pointing to field mapping

Form settings

Once you're happy with the layout of your form, click on the settings icon to customize additional options:

box around settings icon

Default workflow

A workflow that automatically starts whenever a client fills out the lead capture form. Use this workflow to send questionnaires, PDFs, or schedulers. For more information, check out automated lead capture workflows.

Thank you message

Text that displays after the lead capture form is submitted. Only plain text is allowed.

Redirect URL

Instead of a thank you message, your client is redirected automatically to a page of your choosing. You can’t link to other Dubsado forms or schedulers — however, you can redirect the lead capture form back to itself when using the form at in-person events.

If you need to redirect your client to another Dubsado form, you’ll have to do it manually through a project or automatically through a workflow. See send a proposal, questionnaire, or sub-agreement.

Project status

When someone fills out a lead capture form, Dubsado automatically creates a project. Assign a project status to all new projects so you stay organized. Project statuses are customizable on the Projects page.

👋 Here’s a tip… We recommend assigning lead capture forms inquiries as a lead. Read more about leads vs jobs.

"leads and jobs from the projects page" with arrow pointing to project status section

If you do not assign any project status, the project will appear only in the all leads status.

arrow pointing to leads box

Project title

The project name of all newly created projects using the lead capture form. If you leave this blank, the default name will be the title of the lead capture form.

To customize, click on the Client Smart Fields dropdown to add mapped smart fields for easier identification on the projects page. Examples:

  • Client First Name ({{client.firstName}}) and Client Alt Contact First ({{client.altContact.firstName}}) Wedding

  • Client Full Name ({{}}) Web Design

Team member

Add additional users to this lead capture form so they get notified. Read more about multi-user roles.

Expiration date

Prevent new leads after a set date and time. Not recommended unless for one-time events or webinars.

banner that says "this form is no longer available"

Password protection

After you’ve completed the lead capture form, you can choose to password protect the form to control who views it. No keeps the lead capture form available to anyone with the link. Yes means the lead capture form is only accessible to clients through their client portal.

Legacy mode

Legacy mode is for users who used custom CSS in the old form builder. Turn off to use new features in Dubsado. Turn on to preserve custom CSS created prior to July 12, 2022.

Form styling

Change font, font size, font color, padding, and button text. You may also add custom CSS code.

Form notifications

By default, you get both a dashboard notification and an email when lead capture forms are submitted. If you are not getting notified, click on the main Settings >> Notifications >> Alert me when a lead capture form is submitted.

labeled 1 settings icon, 2 notifications, and 3 alert me when a lead capture form is submitted

How to share your lead capture form

Share your form with a public link or by embedding it to your website. See how to share your lead capture form.


How do I add a CAPTCHA box?

At this time, Dubsado does not include the ability to add a CAPTCHA box to the lead capture form.

Can clients save their progress while working through the lead capture form?

No. Lead captures are designed to quickly capture contact information. If you want more information from your clients, create a questionnaire instead. Questionnaires have a Save Draft button at the bottom of the form so clients may exit and return without losing their work.

Can I stop a new project from being created?

No. A submitted lead capture form always creates a new project, even if your client already exists in Dubsado or has another project with you.

To send another form to your client without creating a new project, send one of the other form types (like a questionnaire) instead.

Can I use a PDF as a lead capture?

Yes, but we don’t recommend doing so. Once you upload a PDF to Dubsado, the PDF becomes read-only, even if the file was previously editable.

To send a read-only PDF with your lead capture, upload the PDF, then use a workflow to send the PDF as a form.

Can I switch other forms into a lead capture form?

You can turn other forms into a lead capture in Templates >> Forms by dragging and dropping the form into the Lead Captures column. However, we highly recommend you create a new form instead of dragging and dropping because certain elements will stop working once turned into a lead capture form:

  • The Package element (only available for proposals)

  • Signatures and Initials (only available for contracts and sub-agreements)

How come my lead capture isn’t working?

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