You've embedded a Lead Capture form on your website, but the entire form is not showing. You may see a vertical scroll bar on the form or the end of it cut off.

Solution #1

Increase the vertical space available to your Lead Capture form. If you are using a page builder, you may just need to adjust the vertical height of the container where you embedded your form so that the entire form can display.

If you do not have a way to change the vertical space on your web builder, or the form is still cut off, continue to Solution #2.

Solution #2

Add a minimum height property to the Lead Capture iframe embed code to force the entire form to display.

Look for the following phrase in the Lead Capture embed code:

style="width:1px; min-width:100%;"

Change this directly in the code editor (wherever you originally inserted the code on your website page) to read:

style="width:1px; min-width:100%; min-height:1000px;"

This will force the height of the form to be 1000px. Apply and save your changes, then preview the page to verify that you can see the entire form, including the SEND button at the bottom.

You may need to further adjust the height depending on the length of your form. Just increase or decrease the min-height value of "1000" until the form displays correctly.

You may also want to add a Code Block to the Lead Capture form in Dubsado to adjust margins and padding. If you change the margins and padding, you will need to re-adjust the min-height value in the embed code.

Solution #3

If you have a Squarespace site, Ajax Loading may be interfering with your form. Review the Embed Your Dubsado Lead Capture on Squarespace article.

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