Leads are filling out your lead capture form but their names and emails are blank in the address book and within the projects created. 

Here are some examples of what you might see:

In the address book, a client exists, but there is no name, email, or other info.

On the projects page, the lead capture created a new project, but there is no client:

Within a project, there is no information listed for the client in the left sidebar:



Open your lead capture form to edit and check to make sure you have short answer fields for:

  • Client First Name

  • Client Last Name

  • Client Email Address

Each of these fields on your Lead Capture form must also be mapped correctly so that Dubsado knows where to save the information! If the fields are not properly mapped, Dubsado can't fill in the client information.

Let's take a look at an example of a lead capture form that was set up incorrectly:

Right away, we see that the field for "Email" is a Free Response field. Free Response fields are meant for longer, paragraph answers and cannot be mapped, so they are not appropriate for collecting a client's email address. This must be replaced with a short answer field.

When we click on the short answer field for "First Name" we see that it has not been mapped. This means that Dubsado has no way of knowing that the text entered in this box is supposed to be the client's first name!

For each short answer field on your form where you are collecting client info, click on the field and double check that it has been mapped correctly. You will also want to check off the option to Require the fields for Client First Name, Last Name, and Email at a minimum.

Save your changes and future leads who fill out your lead capture will be brought in with the correct client information.

How do I fix existing clients who filled out the form when it was incorrectly mapped?

Even though your fields weren't mapped, the good news is that Dubsado still saved the information your new lead submitted! When you go to the Forms tab within a project created by a lead capture, you can look at the lead capture to see what was filled in.

Hover over the lead capture and click "View" to open up the form.

This will open a preview of the lead capture form as your client filled it out:

Once you see what the client submitted for their name and email, you'll need to transfer this information into their client profile. In the left-sidebar within the project, click on the pencil icon next to Client to edit the client profile. Enter the correct information into the profile and click Save & Close at the bottom.

Refresh the page for your changes to appear and you're all set! Repeat this for each new lead who came in while your lead capture was not correctly mapped.

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