Once you have built your Lead Capture form, click on the Settings tab at the top to customize additional options. These additional options allow you to customize what happens after a lead fills out your form.

1. Default Workflow

If you would like a workflow to kick off automatically on the newly created project when the Lead Capture is submitted, you can specify that workflow in the dropdown here. Check out our article on automated lead capture workflows for more info!


2. Thank You Message

This is the text that will display after the Lead Capture form is submitted. Only plain text is allowed here.

3.  Redirect URL

If you would like a new page to open up when your Lead Capture form is submitted instead of displaying the Thank You Message, paste in the URL to that page here.

This is a great option if you have created a custom thank you page on your website. Please note that you cannot use the Redirect URL on a Lead Capture to open a Dubsado Scheduler or another Dubsado form, such as a questionnaire.

4. Project Status

The default project status where all newly created projects from this Lead Capture will go. If you leave this blank, the project status will appear under All Leads on the projects page.


5. Lead Title

The default title of all newly created projects by this Lead Capture. If you leave this blank, the default project title will be the name of the Lead Capture template.

You can add Smart Fields for Client variables to your title for additional customization! Just click on the "Client" dropdown and select a variable to add it to the title.

In the example above, we used the Client First Name and Alt Contact First Name smart fields to title the project with the couple's first names. Remember that you must first capture the information in a mapped field on your Lead Capture if you want to display it using a smart field!

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