Requiring a package on a proposal is an easy way to further streamline your clients' experience. Here are a couple situations where requiring a package comes in handy:

  • You have a single "base" package that is required for your services. Additional packages are optional, but the base package must be added.

  • You already know the exact package the client needs before sending them your proposal, so you don't want to give them options. You just want to create a proposal tailored to that specific package.


How to Require a Package on a Proposal

Unlike form fields, packages do not have a "Required" check box setting that you can turn on and off. But with just a few changes to the package element, you'll have a required package:

  1. Click on the package in your proposal that you would like to require.

  2. Check the box for Pre-Selected.

  3. In the text box, click and drag your cursor over the Select button to highlight it. Use the backspace key on your keyboard to delete the Select button.

Now you have a package that is pre-selected and has no way for the client to remove it. As soon as the client opens the proposal, that package will already be selected and count towards the total at the bottom.

TIP: Make sure that you checked the box to make the package Pre-Selected in step 2! If you do not pre-select the package and then remove the select button, there will be no way for the client to select it.


I want to offer other packages on my proposal as add-ons, but I get an error when I am testing the proposal and try to select the additional packages.

Double check that you have turned on "Allow client to select multiple packages" in the Settings tab of the proposal. Otherwise, the package you required will count as the one package allowed.

Can I require a certain number of packages from a group? For example, choose one package from Group A and two packages from Group B?

Unfortunately not. We recommend making those instructions clear in a text box on your proposal.

Why do I need to delete the Select button? Isn't checking the Pre-Selected box enough?

Deleting the Select button is what requires the package. Pre-selecting a package will open the proposal with that package already selected, but the client can always click the button again to remove that package. Pre-selecting without deleting the Select button is a great way to recommend a package while offering other options.

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