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Require a package on a proposal
Require a package on a proposal

Use this trick to pre-select and require a package on your proposal.

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Updated Jan 27, 2023

Requiring a package on a proposal is an easy way to guarantee that your client accepts the package you want them to.

Some instances where you may want to require a package:

  • You offer one main package (required) with additional add-ons (optional).

  • You want to give a tailored package without providing other options.

In this article:

How to Require a Package on a Proposal

  1. Choose the proposal to edit under Templates >> Forms.

  2. Click on the specific package that you want to make required. A side panel will appear.

  3. Toggle Pre-selected to Yes.

  4. Double-click on the package element or click the pencil icon to edit the text.

    arrow pointing to edit inline
  5. In the text box, delete the Select button.

gif showing how to delete the select button on a proposal

Now you have a package that is pre-selected with no way for the client to remove it! As soon as the client opens the proposal, the package cost is already included in the total invoice.


I want to offer add-on packages but I get the error message β€œOops. You can only select one package”.

Under form settings, make sure you have Allow client to select multiple packages toggled to Yes. Otherwise, the required package is the only allowed package.

Can I require a certain number of packages from a group? For example, choose one package from Group A and two packages from Group B?

Unfortunately not. We recommend making those instructions clear in a text box on your proposal.

Why do I need to delete the Select button? Isn't checking the Pre-Selected box enough?

Pre-selecting a package makes the package already selected when a client opens the proposal. However, the client can click the button again to remove the selection. Deleting the Select button entirely ensures that your client must accept and pay for the package.

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