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Create or delete a discount template
Create or delete a discount template

Create a discount template to add discounts to your invoices and offer discount codes to your clients.

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Updated Jul 17, 2023

To allow clients to add a discount to their invoice, you’ll first need to create a discount template.

Create a discount template

  1. Go to Templates >> Packages.

  2. Click on the Discounts tab.

  3. Click Add Discount.

  4. Fill out the details of your discount. Jump to a section to learn more:

  5. Click Save.

Discount name

The discount name is visible on the invoice depending on the discount type:

  • The discount name will appear for fixed discount types.

  • The discount name won’t appear for percentage discount types.

arrow pointing to a fixed discount type name

Discount type

Choose between a fixed or percentage discount:

Fixed: Enter a specific dollar amount for your discount. Fixed discounts are discounted from the full subtotal invoice amount — you can’t apply a fixed discount to individual invoice line items.

screenshot of an example percentage discount

Percentage: Enter a specific percentage where the discount depends on the invoice amount. Unlike fixed discounts, percentage discounts can be removed from specific invoice line items.


The amount of the discount.

Discount code (optional)

Specify the text that clients can manually type to get the discount on their invoice. The option to type in a discount code only applies to proposals or schedulers, not to invoices you’ve manually created.

The code is case-sensitive. If you create different discounts with identical codes, only one of those discounts will apply, not all.

screenshot of how the discount code looks

Category (optional)

Assign an income category that’ll appear in Reporting >> Chart of Accounts. Discounts get logged as negative income, per standard accounting practices. Creating a separate category allows you to see how much income you've discounted per code.

Max. number of uses (optional)

The maximum number of times a discount code can be used. After the max is reached, the client will receive an error message and can’t use the discount code.

🚨 As soon as a client adds the discount code to an invoice, it counts as one use, even if the client doesn’t pay. To recover the usage, manually remove the discount code from the unpaid invoice.

After the max is reached, you may increase the number to add additional uses. For instance, if you originally set 10 uses and then change it to 15, then the discount can be used 5 more times.

Expiration date (optional)

The date and time when the discount code can no longer be used. The expiration is based on your time zone.

Clients who try to use the discount code after the expiration date will get an error. However, you can add the expired discount to an invoice to give the discount to the client.

Delete a discount template

Go to Templates >> Packages >> Discounts and click the trashcan icon.

Deleting a discount template won’t affect any invoices that are already using the discount.

Once a discount template is deleted, the discount code can’t be used.


How do I add a discount to a package template?

Discounts can’t be added directly to package templates. Discounts can only be added to invoices within a client’s project.

My discount isn’t syncing with QuickBooks.

QuickBooks only allows discounts on entire invoices. Discounts applied to specific invoice line items won’t sync with QuickBooks. This is outside of Dubsado's control.

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