How to Create Discounts
Create a discount template to quickly add discounts to your invoices and offer discount codes to your clients.
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Everybody loves a discount! Just like packages, you can create discount templates to use with your invoices.

How to Create a Discount Template

Before you can apply a discount, you'll need to create a template. Here's how:

  1. Go to Templates >> Packages.

  2. Click on the Discounts tab at the top.

  3. Click Add Discount.

  4. Fill out the details for your discount in the popup modal window and click Save when you are finished.

Here's a breakdown of the settings:

  • Discount name: what the discount is called, visible to clients as the line item name for fixed discounts (not percentage, i.e. $100 off).

  • Discount type: how the discount is calculated, fixed or percentage.

  • Value: the amount of the discount.

  • Discount code (optional): a case-sensitive code that your client can enter on a proposal or scheduler invoice to apply the discount.

  • Category (optional): an income category for this discount in the chart of accounts.

  • Max. number of uses (optional): the maximum number of times a discount can be applied through the use of a discount code.

  • Expiration date (optional): a fixed date and time to expire use of the discount code for this discount.

Let's take a closer look at the options for setting up your discount.

Discount Type

Fixed Discounts

A fixed discount will subtract a specific dollar amount from the invoice total, no matter what the total is. It will be added as a negative line item to the invoice. So a fixed discount for $100.00 will show on your client's invoice like this:

The item name for the discount will be the Discount Name you entered while creating the template.

Percentage Discounts

A percentage discount will reduce all of the line items on the invoice by the chosen percentage. So a percentage discount for 50% will show on your client's invoice like this:

After the percentage discount has been applied to the invoice, you will have the option to remove the discount from individual line items. Learn more about applying discounts to invoices here.

Discount Code

If you provide your client with a discount code, they can enter it on their invoice after completing a proposal or scheduler with a required deposit. This is a great tool for running promotions and rewarding loyal customers!

Simply enter the code you would like to use in the Discount Code field while creating your discount template. Please note that the code is case-sensitive!

Once enabled on your proposal template or scheduler template, your client will see a field on the invoice where they can enter their discount code:

Discount codes are not compatible with invoices you have created manually. Learn more about allowing a discount code on a proposal or allowing a discount code on your scheduler with required deposit!


Assign an income category to your discount here. The category will be visible under Reporting >> Chart of Accounts. You will need to create a new income category for your discount in the Chart of Accounts before creating your discount template.

Discounts will be logged as negative income, per standard accounting practices. By creating a separate category for each discount, you'll be able to see how much income you've discounted per code under Reporting >> Chart of Accounts.

Limiting Use of the Discount Code

The following settings will automatically deactivate the discount code for your clients to use. However, discounts can be applied manually to an invoice by you at any time, even if they are expired or maxed out based on these settings.

Max. Number of Uses

This setting will allow you to limit application of the discount code to a fixed number of uses. For example, if you enter the number "10" here, the discount code for this discount will only work 10 times. The 11th time the code is used, the client will receive an error message and the discount will not be applied.

TIP: As soon as a client applies this discount code to an invoice, that will be logged as a use of the code, even if they do not ultimately pay. To recover uses of a discount code, you can increase the max number you set in the discount template or manually remove the applied discount from an unpaid invoice.

Expiration Date

Setting an expiration date will deactivate the discount code at the specified date and time in your time zone. If a client attempts to use the discount code after the expiration date, they will receive an error message and the discount will not be applied.



What happens if I delete a discount template?

Deleting a discount template will not affect any invoices to which the discount has already been applied. Once a discount template is deleted, its discount code (if set) will no longer be valid and you will not be able to manually apply the discount to an invoice.

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