Once you've created a discount with a discount code, you can allow your clients to use the discount code on an invoice created by a proposal. This will work for both proposals sent through a project and public proposals.

Before you start, you'll need:

  • At least one discount template that has a discount code.

  • A proposal template where you'd like to allow the use of a discount code. This must be a proposal where your clients will select packages. Discount codes will NOT work on a quote-like proposal where the client cannot select packages.


How to Allow Clients to Apply a Discount on Your Proposal

  1. Go into the Settings tab of your proposal template.

  2. Under Allow clients to apply discounts? select Yes.

  3. A dropdown menu will appear. Select one or more discounts you would like to allow to be applied to the invoice created by this proposal. Remember, only one discount can be applied at a time, but any discounts listed here will be allowed.

  4. Save your proposal template.

The discount codes of the discounts you selected will now be valid when entered on the invoice created from this proposal. Any restrictions you set in the discount template for max uses or an expiration date will apply.

If you need to remove a discount, just click the X next to the discount name in the Settings tab of your proposal template:


Using the Discount Code

After they submit the proposal, your client can enter the discount code in the field on the invoice. Remember that the discount code is case-sensitive! The discount will be applied to the entire invoice, pre-tax.

A Note on the Max. Number of Uses Setting

When creating your discount template, you'll have an option to set a maximum number of times the discount code can be applied. Please bear in mind that as soon as a client applies this discount code to an invoice, that will be logged as a use of the code, even if they do not ultimately pay.

To recover uses of a discount code, you can increase the max number you set in the discount template or manually remove the applied discount from an unpaid invoice.



Where do I set the code for my discount?

You will set the discount code while creating or editing the discount template under Templates >> Packages. Learn how to create a discount here!

Can I automatically exclude certain packages from the discount?

No, the discount will be applied to the entire invoice. If you must exclude a package from the discount, you may wish to turn off the Show Invoice option in your proposal settings. You would then manually remove the discount from the necessary line items and send the invoice to your client separately.

How can I offer a discount on a quote-like proposal?

Discount codes will not work on quote-like proposals where the client cannot select any packages. However, while creating the invoice for your quote-like proposal, you can manually apply a discount to the invoice for your client... no code required!

My client is entering the discount code but keeps getting an error message saying the code is invalid.

First, remember that discount codes are case-sensitive and must be entered exactly as they appear in the settings of your discount template! If your client is entering the correct code and still getting an error, check the settings of your proposal to ensure you've allowed that specific discount. Any further issues, send us a chat!

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