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Allow clients to apply a discount on proposals
Allow clients to apply a discount on proposals
Give your clients the option of using a discount code on invoices created by proposals!
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Updated Jan 27, 2023

After you've created a discount code, you can allow your clients to use the discount code after selecting packages from a proposal or public proposal.

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Allow clients to apply a discount on a proposal

  1. Choose your proposal in Templates >> Forms.

  2. Click on Form settings.

  3. Toggle Allow discounts to Yes to allow discounts.

  4. Click the dropdown to select one or more discount codes.

  5. Click Save form.

screenshot showing the allow discounts section

Remove a discount from a proposal

Click the X next to the discount name in your proposal template.

How to use the discount code

After your client submits the proposal, they can enter the discount code in the invoice. The discount will be applied to the entire invoice, pre-tax.

arrow pointing to discount code section on the invoice

Heads up! The discount code is logged as used even if the client does not ultimately pay. This matters if you set a max usage in your discount template.


Where do I set the code for my discount?

Go to Templates >> Packages >> Discounts >> Add Discount to create a discount code. See how to create discounts.

Can clients use multiple discount codes?

No. Only one discount can be applied per invoice, but you can set a proposal to accept multiple discount codes to give clients the option of which one to use.

Can I automatically exclude certain packages from the discount?

No, the discount will be applied to the entire invoice.

My client is entering the discount code but is getting the error message “Invalid discount code”.

Discount codes are case-sensitive — they must be typed exactly as it appears in the Discount code section of your discount template.

If your client is entering the correct code and still getting an error, check that Allow discounts is toggled to Yes in the proposal AND that you’ve selected that specific discount code.

How can I offer a discount on a proposal quote?

Discount codes won’t work on quote-like proposals. Before you send your client the proposal quote, manually calculate a discount to the invoice for your client without any code!

Can I use discounts on a proposal without an invoice attached?

Yes! You don’t need to include the invoice in your proposal. As long as your client selected a package from the proposal, the discount code is available for use even if your client receives the invoice link at a later time.

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