Workflow errors

Common workflow errors and how to handle them.

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Updated Sep 4, 2023

Occasionally you will see a red error message next to a workflow action. This section will help you diagnose the issue and get your workflow back on track! If a workflow has an error, it will automatically pause until you fix the error and activate the workflow again.

Too late to send

If the trigger time of an action has already passed, you'll see this error. For example, if you have an email set to send 2 weeks before the project date, but the project date is only 3 days away when the workflow is applied, the trigger time will have passed and the action will not send.

Edit that action and change the trigger time to at least 5 minutes in the future. Then click Retry and Paused to retry and unpause the workflow to run the action.

Invalid header or authorization failed

These are common email sending errors. For Invalid header, be sure to verify that the client's email address is correct. For Authorization failed, you'll need to reconnect your email account by going to Settings > Emails.


You may have an issue with your email connection and you may need to disconnect and reconnect your email to Dubsado.

To do this, go to Settings > Emails. Click the trashcan icon next to your email account to disconnect it. After that, reconnect your email again. Head back to the project and select Retry on the action with the error.

Cannot read property date of undefined

This error comes up when you are using the smart field for the payment plan date in an email sent through the workflow. These smart fields are only supposed to be used for payment plan reminder auto-emails, and not for workflow emails. Instead of using the payment plan category smart fields, you will need to use invoice smart fields.

Cannot read property replace of undefined

This error may occur when trying to send out an email or form. Make sure you have an email address connected by going to Settings > Emails and connecting an email address.

Rate limit exceeded

If you have too many emails set to send at the same time, your email host may prevent some emails from going out. Many email hosts have a limit on how many emails can be sent out at once. Once this limit is reached, your email host will prevent emails from going out for a short amount of time. If you see this error, you can retry those steps in each workflow to have the emails go out.

Parse error

This error typically means that there was an issue with a smart field within an email. This usually occurs if a smart field is copied and pasted or typed in manually instead of selecting a smart field from the toolbar.

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