Projects, clients, leads, and jobs... oh my! This resource guide will bring you up to speed on using projects in your business and help you get started with using a lead capture form to kick off your client process.

Projects, Clients, Leads, and Jobs

Clients. Projects. Leads. Jobs. What are all of these, and how do they all connect with each other? In this webinar, we will discuss how each of these fits into the larger picture of Dubsado!

Defining Your Entry Points

Dubsado is built around getting new leads into the system when they express direct interest in your product or service. Before bringing in new leads, it's important to know how your leads will come into the system! This webinar will focus on how define your entry points into Dubsado.

Setting Up a Lead Capture

Learn how to set up a lead capture form that you can share on your website or social media step-by-step! We'll cover what you should include in your form, how to map fields, helpful settings, and even a way to track how your clients heard about you.

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