Say goodbye to chasing potential clients down. Create a seamless onboarding experience that allows clients to agree to your pricing, sign your contract, and make a payment... all from a single link in a single email.

Whether you have set packages or custom pricing, you'll be able to create a proposal that fits your needs.

Package Proposals

Creating your products and services as packages is only the first step in getting your client to work with you. By adding your packages to a proposal, you are able to pitch your pricing to a new lead and allow them to select which product/service they they are interested in - in a creative and simple way!

Custom Proposals

Even if you do completely custom work without standard pricing or packages, you can still take advantage of the power of Dubsado's proposals! We will walk through the process of setting up a master proposal template step-by-step and then demonstrate how to customize it for each client.

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