With so many ways to use our scheduler, we wanted to take you through some advanced scenarios step-by-step.

Although some of the examples used are industry-specific, anyone interested in deepening their knowledge of the scheduler and how different pieces of Dubsado "fit together" will benefit from these webinars!

⚠️ Heads up! These webinars assume you have a basic understanding of how to use Dubsado and set up the scheduler. Check out our scheduler resource guide if you're just getting started!

In this series

Mini Sessions

See a Dubsado scheduler template set up in REAL TIME with a required deposit, lead capture, and more! Our focus will be on setting everything up for booking mini sessions (short photography sessions all held on a specific date) in a simple, automated way.

Scheduler Proposal Flow

We’ll connect an embeddable scheduler, a public proposal (with package options), a required deposit, and a workflow.

If you tuned in for our mini sessions webinar and wanted to know more about adding a proposal or deposit into the mix, this webinar is for you!

Workshop Registration

Hosting a workshop or event and need a simple way to get attendees registered without signing up for a separate service? Check out this webinar!

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