This webinar series will walk you through setting up Dubsado for the first time. We will be starting with a brand new account and building it out into a fully functional account with advanced automation and workflows!

In this series

Part 1

Beginning in a new system doesn't have to be daunting! In this webinar, we are going to start with the basics. We will cover the Dubsado journey roadmap, taking care of your Settings and all of the intro material you need to get started!

Part 2

A written process is essential to creating an efficient workflow! Now that we have all of the basics down, this webinar will deep dive into putting all of your content into a written process!

Part 3

In this webinar, we will bring everything together and discuss building out a workflow! We will cover the different actions and triggers Dubsado offers and teach you how to streamline your business process!

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