This webinar series will walk you through setting up Dubsado for the first time. We will be starting with a brand new account and building it out into a fully functional account with advanced automation and workflows!

In this series

Lesson 1: Learn It

In this lesson, we cover the main goal of Dubsado, some beginning tips that will develop the right mindset going into your setup, learning the Dubsado language and how to properly plan out your workflows using the lead capture form!

Lesson 2: Build It

In this lesson, we deep dive into Template creation, the importance of writing out your process, and some practical tips on how to write it out!

Lesson 3: Use It, Part I

In this lesson, we review Project Statuses & Tags and learn what they are designed for, creative ideas when making them and how they fit into your overall process. We also cover the importance of testing out your process manually prior to building your workflow and the methods to accomplish that.

Lesson 4: Use It, Part II

In the series finale, we will build our workflow LIVE! This webinar is great to get an understanding on how to look at a written out process and put it into Dubsado. 

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