CloudSpot is a stunning way to create and to deliver online galleries to your clients.

When you connect your CloudSpot account to Dubsado, you'll be able to share CloudSpot gallery links with your clients right in Dubsado!

In Dubsado, CloudSpot galleries are treated just like forms. This means you need to add the gallery to a project before sharing it with your client.

Here's how to add a CloudSpot gallery to your client's project:

  1. Create your gallery in CloudSpot (click here to view CloudSpot's help center).

  2. Open the Dubsado project where you'd like to share the gallery.

  3. Go to the Forms tab.

  4. From the Add New Form dropdown, select Add CloudSpot Gallery Link (hint - it's at the bottom of the list).

  5. Use the search bar to find the gallery you're looking for.

  6. Click on the name of a gallery to select it, then click Add.

💡 Here's a tip... you can click the external link icon to see a preview of any gallery in a new tab!

Once you've added the gallery to your client's project, you have a few options on how to share the link with them. Roll over the gallery you added in the Forms tab to view these options:

  • View - opens the gallery in a new tab

  • Send - creates an email draft with a link to the gallery, ready to edit and send to your client

  • Edit - allows you to change out the gallery for another one

  • Apply to Portal - adds the gallery link to the client portal without sending an email to the client

💡 Here's a tip... if you click Apply to Portal, remember to email your client letting them know to check their portal for their gallery! Using the Send option emails the gallery link directly to the client AND adds the gallery to the client portal at the same time.

CloudSpot Galleries in the Dubsado Client Portal

When you send a gallery via email or apply it to the portal, the gallery will appear on the homepage of the client portal as well as within the Projects tab.

We look forward to more possibilities with CloudSpot in the future!

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