Let's review some quick definitions:

  • Recurring Invoice - instructions for Dubsado to automatically create and send a brand new invoice to the client at a regular interval.

  • Payment Schedule - sets one or more due dates for payment on a single invoice and can send automated reminder emails.

Should you use a recurring invoice or a one-time invoice with a payment schedule? Use this comparison to decide:

Recurring Invoice

  • Best for subscription-type services

  • Example: you need to invoice your client $100 once a month, every month, until they cancel their contract

  • Multiple invoices will be sent, and each invoice will be identical

  • Must be set up manually for each client

  • Has the option for the client to enroll themselves in automatic payments

  • Invoices created will only ever be sent to the primary client on the project

One-Time Invoice with Payment Schedule

  • Best for services where the total cost is known up front, but you want to break up payments into one or more installments

  • Example: the total cost for your services is $6000, but you want your client to pay 50% up front, 25% a month before their event, and 25% the day before the event.

  • All payments are made to the same invoice until the remaining balance is $0.

  • Sets a due date for each payment and can be set up to send reminder emails

  • Does not have the option for automatic payments

  • Could be manually emailed to someone other than the primary client on the project

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