Automating your process with workflows can seem daunting, but with this series of webinars, we'll give you the knowledge you need to be successful!

In this series

Determine Your Process

Understanding how you are going to begin your workflows in Dubsado is one of the most important steps to nail down! In this webinar, we are going to look at every possible "entry point" you can create in Dubsado, learn the benefits of each method, and help you choose which one works best for you!

Write Out Your Process

Writing out your process helps you get everything in front of you and out of your head! From what you want to do, when you want to do it, and what you content you need to get to your clients. In this webinar we will walk through how to properly write out your business process in Dubsado, and develop a comprehensive list of what you need to build in the system.

Workflow Actions

Before we can begin translating your process into Dubsado, we first need to review what workflow actions are even available to work with! It's important to know the tools that you will be working with before you start building! In this webinar, we will walk through each action that Dubsado offers and look in-depth at what each of them does.

Workflow Triggers

Workflow triggers are what make automation even possible! Understanding workflow triggers is the key piece to putting together a well timed and efficient workflow. Continuing from the previous webinar, we will deep diving into each workflow trigger to take a look at what each of them does and what you can use to automate your process.

Translate Your Process

Now that you know your point of attack, have your process written out, and know what tools you have to use with the actions and triggers, it's time to translate your process into Dubsado's language. This will be what ties what you're wanting to do on paper into a process that flows in Dubsado!

Build Your Process

It's time to get building! In this webinar, we will be taking all the pieces that we've learned so far and put them all together. Breaking down a workflow process does not have to be difficult and we'll take it step by step by building out a workflow process live so you can see the hard work pay off!

Streamline Your Process

Now that you have your workflow process built out, it's time to take it to the next level! Project statuses and tags provide an extra layer of efficiency, optimization and organization. In this webinar, we will deep dive into project statuses and tags and introduce them into your workflow that you've built!

Test Your Process

You have the entire workflow built out, but now what? It's time to test it to make sure it's running properly before you start using it on real clients! In this webinar, we will be looking at how to test a workflow properly, but more importantly, why you should be testing a workflow before using it live!

Update Your Process

As your business grows, your workflow will change...quite a bit! In this webinar, we will be talking about how to properly update your workflows! Whether you just want to make changes to the process that you already have in place, or you want to add on or deconstruct your workflow, this webinar will give you the keys to do it effectively!

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