Automating your process with workflows can seem daunting, but with this series of webinars, we'll give you the knowledge you need to be successful!

In this series

Before Building Your Workflows

We review the proper way to prepare and plan out your workflows, and learn what steps you need to take before building them.

Workflow Actions

In this workshop, we provide an in-depth look at how each workflow action works in Dubsado and walk through each action one by one.

Workflow Triggers

This webinar will be covering all of the different Workflow Triggers and techniques to implement into your workflows.

How to Build a Workflow

In this workshop, we take a look at the written workflow process from Session One and put it into Dubsado live!

How to Test Your Workflows

Dive into how to properly test your completed workflows and check for quality and consistency!

Updating Workflows

Your workflows, forms, and canned emails will need to change and grow as your business does! If you’re looking at making some changes to your workflows or content in Dubsado, check out this webinar for all the best practices and details on how to handle updates.

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