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Connect your Xero account
Connect your Xero account

Set up the Dubsado integration with Xero accounting software.

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Updated Aug 28, 2023

This article will guide you through the steps of connecting your Xero account with Dubsado and configuring the integration.

Before connecting to Xero, please make sure you understand how the Xero integration works with Dubsado.

Connect your Xero account

Here's how to connect your Xero account with Dubsado:

  1. Click on the gear icon in the top navigation bar to access your Settings.

  2. Go to the Integrations tab.

  3. Click Connect under Xero.

  4. Click Connect to Xero. You’ll be brought to a new page to log in to your Xero account.

  5. Enter your Xero login details then click Log In. If you are already logged in to your Xero account, you will not need to log in again.

  6. You’ll be directed to a screen informing you to allow access. Click Allow access.

    • If you have multiple organizations with Xero, select an organization first.

After completing the connection process, you'll be redirected back to Dubsado.

There are a few more settings you'll need to configure before the integration is set up and ready to go. Click on the gear icon under Xero to access these additional settings.

Sync invoices and payments

Before you can set up automatic syncing, you must use the Select a payment account dropdown to choose which Xero payment account will receive your Dubsado invoice payments.

You can choose any account in your Xero chart of accounts that has a code and the enable payments option turned on.

👋 Here's a tip... If you have your bank or payment processor connected to Xero, we recommend setting up a separate "clearing account" to receive payments from Dubsado. Here's an article from Xero on reconciling bulk payments.

There are three options for configuring automatic syncing with Xero:

Option 1: Automatically sync invoices AND payments

This option is for you if you would like payments received through Dubsado invoices to be added as transactions in Xero.

Turn both automatic sync settings On if you would like to sync both invoices and payments:

Option 2: Automatically sync invoices only

This option is for you if you do not want to see Dubsado payments added to Xero when an invoice is paid.

Turn the setting to sync invoices On, and the setting to sync payments Off to sync invoices only:

Option 3: Manually sync invoices

This option is for you if you want full manual control over syncing individual invoices and payments with Xero. With this option, you will need to manually sync each invoice and payment.

Turn both automatic sync settings Off to prevent automatic invoice syncing.

Tax items

You'll need to have tax rates set up in Xero before you can map them in Dubsado. This article from Xero explains how to set up tax rates.

All Dubsado tax items must be mapped to corresponding tax items in your Xero account. For each tax item in Dubsado, select the corresponding Xero tax item in the dropdown.

Keep in mind that Xero does not support line items with more than one tax applied. If you apply more than one tax item to a line item in Dubsado, the invoice will encounter an error when syncing.

Heads up! Dubsado invoices with taxes that have not been mapped to Xero tax rates will not sync. If you add more tax items to Dubsado in the future, remember to return to the Xero integration settings page and map them.

Income category mapping

Select a default Xero account

In Xero, every invoice line item must be assigned to an account in your chart of accounts. Even if you do not use income categories in Dubsado, you must select a default Xero account here. Xero will automatically assign any "Uncategorized" line items to this account.

Assign Dubsado income categories

Income categories in your Dubsado chart of accounts can be mapped to Xero accounts here. Use a dropdown to select the matching Xero account for each of your Dubsado income categories.

Heads up! If you add more income categories to Dubsado in the future, remember to return to the Xero integration settings page and map them. Line items with unmapped categories will be applied to the default Xero account.


Which accounts do I need to set up in my Xero chart of accounts?

You need at least one "current asset" type of account with the setting to enable payments turned on to select as your default payment account in Dubsado. You also need at least one "revenue" or "sales" type of account to set as your default account in Dubsado for categorizing your income.

If you set up separate income categories for different services in Dubsado, it may make sense to do the same in your Xero chart of accounts so you can match them up. Beyond that, it's up to you and your accountant to decide how best to categorize your income and set up your chart of accounts!

Are the payment processing fees recorded in Xero when Dubsado syncs a payment?

No. Payment processing fees are not recorded separately when Dubsado syncs a payment with Xero, just like they aren't recorded separately on Dubsado invoices. You are responsible for reconciling payment processing fees inside your Xero account.

If I delete an invoice or payment in Dubsado, will it delete the record in Xero?

When you delete an invoice or payment in Dubsado, you will have the option to void the invoice and delete the transaction in Xero.

What if I have multiple Dubsado brands and Xero organizations?

You can connect one Xero organization to each Dubsado brand. After you connect a Xero organization to one brand, you cannot connect it to another brand. If you have multiple Xero organizations, you'll be able to select which organization you want to connect to during the connection process.

How do I disconnect from Xero?

If you need to disconnect from Xero, click Disconnect Xero on the Xero integration settings page. Disconnecting your Xero account will remove all Xero-related data inside Dubsado and prevent you from syncing further invoices and payments to your Xero account. Dubsado invoices and payments already synced to Xero will remain in your Xero account.

You have the option to also void all Dubsado invoices and delete corresponding transactions from your Xero account but this action cannot be undone.

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