We offer free online courses to help you get started in Dubsado. These step-by-step lessons walk through each feature and setting so that you can build your Dubsado account with confidence. Once you enroll in a course, you will have unlimited, on-demand access to the training material. Perfect for learning on your own schedule - day or night!

The Dubsado Beginner Course covers basic settings, projects, forms, getting paid, and scheduling.

Total viewing time: 4 hours

The Dubsado Intermediate Course covers process, testing, and workflow automation.

Total viewing time: 2 hours, 20 minutes

The Dubsado Advanced Course covers multi-users, task boards, data migration, international settings, and bookkeeping.

Total viewing time: 13 hours

And if you are looking for extra accountability, check out the details on our self-guided Dubsado Study Group!


Which course should I start with?

We can help you decide between the Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced Course with a short quiz. Take the Course Placement Quiz!

I signed up! Where do I log in to access the course?

Once you sign up for a Dubsado course, you can log in and access the course right here: https://education.dubsado.com/login.

When I complete the course, will I be "Dubsado Certified"?

No, completing a Dubsado course does not grant you any official certification. Read more about our certification program.

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