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Share your Dubsado affiliate coupon code

Learn how to set up and use your Dubsado affiliate coupon code so you can start earning FREE months of Dubsado!

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Updated Jun 6, 2023

Does Dubsado have an affiliate program? Yes! It’s easy to start making money by recommending Dubsado to others.

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How the Dubsado affiliate program works

You’ll get $35 whenever someone clicks on your affiliate link, signs up for a paid Dubsado subscription, and remains subscribed for at least 60 days.

By clicking your affiliate link, your referral also gets a discount! They’ll get 20% off their first payment on a Dubsado Starter or Premier plan. If they pay monthly, they’ll get 20% off the first month. If they pay annually, they’ll get 20% off for the entire first year.

You can post your affiliate link on your social media accounts, in an email, or on your website. There’s no limit to how many people can sign up with your code! For more information and restrictions, see our affiliate terms and conditions.

Create your affiliate link

  1. Go to Settings >> Affiliate dashboard.

  2. Under My affiliate code, type an affiliate code that’s unique to you.

    • You may need to choose a different code if the one you want is already in use.

  3. Click Create code & link.

🚨 We don't recommend changing your code unless it's absolutely necessary. You will only get affiliate credit when someone uses the new code. If someone uses your old code, they will still 20% off, but you won't get the $35.

Share your affiliate link

Copy your affiliate link to share with potential referrals! Anyone who clicks on your affiliate link will see your code applied to their Dubsado account when they sign up.

arrow pointing to where the referral discount code will appear

Your affiliate code will automatically appear under the coupon code in Settings >> Billing when your referral is ready to subscribe to a paid plan! Referrals can also manually type in your affiliate code into the coupon code field.


Track referrals under My code metrics. Affiliate metric tracking started on July 26, 2021, so only conversions, signups, and earnings occurring after this date are included in your metrics.

screenshot of my code metrics section


Monitor successful affiliate conversions under My credit.

By default, your affiliate credit is automatically applied to your next Dubsado subscription. If you would like to receive automatic monthly payouts instead, you must connect a PayPal account. Payouts are not possible through other payment processors.

Heads up! Once you enroll in PayPal for payouts, you can’t revert back to getting Dubsado credit.

There’s no time limit for when your referral needs to subscribe after they clicked your affiliate link. They can stay on a free plan first, then sign up for a paid plan later!


I want to sign up for Dubsado. How do I find a coupon code?

Our affiliate users are always excited to share their affiliate links! You might find one in a blog post, on social media, or by searching our Facebook community.

Does the affiliate link expire?


Do I need a Dubsado account to access the Dubsado affiliate program?

Yes. However, you can be on the free trial plan and still get referrals!

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