Does Dubsado have an affiliate program? We sure do! Here is what you have to do: Shout from the rooftops that you love Dubsado. Kidding, you can do that if you want, but our affiliate program is pretty awesome too.

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How the Dubsado affiliate program works

Each time someone signs up for a paid Dubsado subscription using your coupon code and remains subscribed for at least 60 days, you will earn a month of Dubsado free! The more referrals, the more months free you get.

Anyone who uses your affiliate coupon code when signing up for a paid subscription will get a discount as well! The coupon is good for 20% off your referral's first month OR year of Dubsado (depending on whether they chose the monthly or annual plan).

It's a win-win for all 🎉. You can read our full terms and conditions for the affiliate program below!

Set up your affiliate coupon code

  1. Go to Settings (gear icon) >> Affiliate Dashboard.

  2. Under My affiliate code enter the affiliate code you would like to use. That's right - you get to make up your own code! You may need to choose a different code if the one you want is already in use.

  3. Click Generate code & link to create an affiliate link you can share.

Now you can share your code and track your referral credits right from the affiliate dashboard in the My code metrics section. Your redeemable earnings will appear in the My credit section.


I want to sign up for Dubsado. How do I find a coupon code?

Our affiliate users are always excited to share their codes! You might find one in a blog post, on social media, or by searching our Facebook community.

What happens if I change my affiliate code?

You will only get affiliate credit when someone uses the new code. If someone uses your old code, they will still get a discount, but you won't get any credit. For this reason, we don't recommend changing your code unless it's absolutely necessary.

Why don't my metrics include all my earnings and conversions?

If you participated in our affiliate program prior to July 26, 2021, you may notice that not all of your earnings and conversions are accounted for in your affiliate metrics. Affiliate metrics have only been tracked since we launched the feature on July 26, 2021. Only conversions, signups, and earnings from July 26, 2021 and later are counted in your metrics.

Any unredeemed credit earned prior to July 26, 2021 will be visible in the My credit section below your metrics.

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