Manually applying a discount to an invoice is quick and easy once you've made a discount template! Check out our article on creating discounts.

Just open the invoice you'd like to discount and click Select Discount. Choose the discount you would like to apply and the invoice total will automatically adjust.

By default, a percentage discount will apply to all items on the invoice. You can remove the discount from certain line items by editing the line item and toggling the Apply Discount setting off.

TIP: If you add a package after you have already applied a percentage discount to the invoice, you will need to edit the line item(s) in that package and toggle the Apply Discount setting on if you want those items to be discounted as well.


What if I want the client to enter a coupon or discount code?

This article covers applying a discount manually, but you can also allow clients to use discount codes on your proposal and scheduler templates!

If I manually apply a discount to an invoice, does that count against its max uses?

Yes, manually applying a discount to an invoice will count toward its max uses if you have set that in the discount template. However, manually applying a discount AFTER it has been maxed out or expired will override the max use or expiration date you set in the template.

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