Once you've created an invoice, you can click Send >> Open in New Window to preview the invoice before sending.

Your view of the invoice will be exactly as the client will see it! Each invoice lives at its own unique link. Any changes you make to the invoice (adding/removing line items, adjusting the payment plan, etc.) will automatically update at that same link once you refresh the page. Payments and refunds will also appear once applied.


Can I change the layout of the invoice?

No. There is a preset template for the invoice that will include the logo you've uploaded to your brand settings at the top. It is not possible to design your own invoice template at this time.

When I preview the invoice, my client's name is not appearing.

This is likely because you have turned on the option to Show Company Name on the invoice and there is no company listed on this client's profile. An invoice will show either the client's name OR the company name, but not both. Check out this article on how to fix it.

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