ACH / E-Checks / Bank Transfer all the same thing, and Dubsado does it. Business owners LOVE this as an option for their client to pay their invoice because of the low fee it has.
 ACH FEE: 0.8% per transaction with a MAX fee of $5. This is perfect for those large invoices, but also great for the small ones as well.
 DEPOSITED FUNDS TIME: You're saving lots of money with the low fees, but the transfer to your account takes just a tad longer... about 4 - 5 business days.
To set that up, just click your logo in the top right >> CURRENT BRAND SETTINGS >> RECEIVE MONEY.

MORE INFO taken straight from STRIPE

ACH Payments 

While payments via credit and debit cards are typically reflected in your pending balance almost instantly, payments via ACH take 4-5 business days to process and be reflected in your pending balance. Payments made with Stripe have a $10,000 USD limit per transaction and are labeled with ACH type WEB for payments from individuals and CCD for payments from businesses.

Some ACH users may see a lower limit of $1,000 USD while they establish their account history with Stripe. If you are interested in receiving ACH payments larger than $10,000 USD contact us.

Refunds with ACH Payments 

ACH refunds must be initiated within 90 days after the original payment. Similar to the delays introduced to payments with ACH, refunds will also require additional time to process—typically 4-5 business days.

A refund can only be processed after the payment process has completed. For example, if a refund is initiated immediately after a payment is made, there will be a 4-5 business day delay before the refund transfer process begins.

The ACH terminology doesn’t actually support labeling a return transfer specifically as a “refund” so refunds made on ACH payments are processed as credits and labeled with type PPD for individual customers and CCD for business customers.

Partial Refunds 

Partial refunds on ACH payments are not possible using your Stripe dashboard.

Disputes with ACH Payments 

Unlike credit and debit card payments, ACH disputes cannot be contested, though they are more difficult for customers to initiate. In addition, retrieval of funds is also affected by the 7 day settlement time period that comes with ACH transfers.

Customer Dispute Initiation 

Unlike credit and debit payments, where your customer can dispute a charge simply by clicking a button in their online account, in order to dispute an ACH payment, your customer must inform their bank in writing within 90 days of the original payment.

There are basically only three reasons allowed by the banks for your customer to dispute an ACH payment:

  • The transaction was never authorized by your customer or their authorization was revoked
  • The transaction was processed on a date earlier than authorized (any date after is OK)
  • The transaction is for an amount different than they authorized

Potential for Double Crediting with Refunds and Disputes

Due to longer settlement time periods and the nature of how banks process ACH transactions, there’s potential for confusion between you, your customer, your customer’s bank, and Stripe. For instance, your customer may contact both you and their bank to dispute a charge. If you proactively issue your customer a refund while the customer’s bank also initiates the dispute process, your customer could end up receiving two credits for the same transaction.

Because of this, when issuing a refund, it’s important to let your customer know immediately and inform them that it may take up to 2-5 business days for the refund to appear in their bank account.

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