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Share the client portal
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Updated Feb 23, 2023

After you’ve activated the client portal, share the client portal with your clients.

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Public vs client-specific portal link

You can share two types of portal links with your clients:

  1. The public portal link in Settings >> Portal.

    With the public portal link, you must create a password for each client before they can access their portal. Otherwise, your client will get an error message and can’t log in.

    arrows pointing to public portal link and embed code
  2. The client-specific portal link sent through the client’s project.

    Clients don’t need a password and can log in to the portal with an email address.

    arrow pointing from send to portal link in a client project

Share the public client portal link

Go to Settings >> Portal and click either the Portal Link or the Portal Embed Code. The portal embed code is similar to how you’d embed a lead capture form.

example embedded client portal login page

Share the client-specific portal link

  1. Go to Projects and select the specific client’s project.

  2. Under the Portal section in the sidebar, click the down arrow.

  3. Click Send. An email draft will appear with the portal link.

  4. Click Send on the email.

arrow pointing from send to portal link in a client project
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