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Add an additional brand

Own more than one business? Create a separate brand and manage everything from a single Dubsado login.

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Updated Apr 10, 2023

Each Dubsado account includes one brand when you sign up. If you run two separate businesses, you can add an additional brand to your account to keep your clients, projects, and templates separate.

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Create an additional brand

arrow pointing to additional brand in dropdown menu
  1. Click on your logo in the top right corner to open the dropdown menu.

  2. Select + Additional Brand.

  3. In the Name field, enter your company name (required).

  4. Upload a logo (optional).

  5. Type in your business address (required).

  6. Click Create Brand.

Your brand is now created! It automatically starts as a free trial, limiting you to three clients.

Upgrade the additional brand to a paid plan

  1. Go to Settings (gear icon) >> Billing.

    highlighting settings and billing link with arrow pointing to subscribe
  2. Click Subscribe on the brand you would like to activate.

  3. Complete the checkout process in the popup that appears.

    screenshot of paying for an additional brand


How much does it cost to add an additional brand?

How many additional brands can I add?

As many as you would like! All additional brands start as a free trial and stay that way until you upgrade the brand to a paid plan.

Can I have my additional brand billed annually instead of monthly?

No. Additional brands are billed monthly, regardless of whether you have an annual or monthly plan. You will see a separate invoice in your billing history in Settings >> Billing.

What is the billing cycle for multiple brands?

Multiple additional brands all appear on the same “additional brand” invoice. Adding another brand in the middle of a billing cycle is charged a prorated amount. You can see how much you’ll be charged on your next billing cycle under Settings >> Billing.

Can I have different brands billed to two separate cards?

No. All paid subscriptions are billed to a single card stored on file.

How do I delete a brand?

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