You are a busy person and we totally get that! You physically cannot be by your computer or email 24/7 to respond to any new lead inquires. AND, we all know, the faster we are able to get back to potential clients, the faster they become our real clients.
 With that in mind, we have launched a new feature in Dubsado today! Automated Lead Capture workflows. This is possible one of two ways:

  1. Apply a workflow to your lead capture form, and as soon as your client hits send, your workflow is applied is starts doing its thing!
  2. Apply a "smart" workflow.  By adding a workflow element to your lead capture, it creates a drop down of services (or whatever you want to put there) your client can pick.  Each of these options has separate workflows that go out.  So in the example below, you can see I am building my options to have specific triggers to go out! 

Getting it set up is simple!

  1. In TEMPLATES >> WORKFLOW get your workflow(s) all ready so we can apply that to a lead capture form!
  2. Go to TEMPLATES >> LEAD CAPTURE and choose either an exciting lead capture or create a new one!
  3. Apply your workflows. You can do that two ways
     - DEFAULT WORKFLOW - This is the overall workflow that the lead capture will trigger as soon as a client fills out this form!
     - WORKFLOW OPTION MODULE - This workflow element allows your client to pick from series of options you create, but in the background have the correct/different workflow applied to each item. This is perfect for a more customized email since your client is choosing exactly what they want! Perfect for finding out what kind of service they are interested in and being able to send a customized email or series of emails, forms, and what not.
  4. Then SAVE! :)

See it all in action below:

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