When adding income in Dubsado's bookkeeping, you will notice when adding categories, there are 3 different "types" of income. SALES, SERVICE, and NON-OPERATING.

Here is our definition in the simplest of terms:

SALES - Tangible objects you are selling. Albums, Products, anything really you and hold in your hand.

SERVICE - These are the non-tangible things. Web design, your photography collection, social media management, branding, any service you are providing to a client that does not have any physical object you are selling them.

NON-OPERATING - "in accounting and finance, is gains or losses from sources not related to the typical activities of the business or organization. Non-operating income can include gains or losses from investments, property or asset sales, currency exchange, and other atypical gains or losses." - source

**We are in no way tax pros. We are just trying to explain things the easiest possible way we know how. For more detailed info...ask your tax professional ;)

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